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pear and cranberry cake

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We broke from our normal pie tradition at Thanksgiving and baked a cake instead. I found the recipe from Gourmet's last issue and my mom took care of the baking! The cake's stars are two seasonal ingredients: pears and cranberries. It also gets a warm note from nutmeg and allspice (my mom substituted pumpkin pie spice and it worked great). You steep cinnamon sticks in a cream and brown sugar mixture for the glaze, then pour it over the top. My family gobbled up this cake. My nephews weren't too thrilled with the tart cranberries but could pick around them, so keep that in mind if you have kids in your family. My dad thought it was great with ice cream, but I preferred it with just a hot cup of coffee. A look inside after the jump.

The recipe said that you would be able to see both the pears and cranberries when you cut into it, but we just saw the berries, which still made for pretty slices. This cake would make a great ending to any fall or winter dinner party.

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    Where can I get the recipe for this please?

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    Click recipe above (it's a link in blue) to go to the website for the recipe.

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    This is such a good cake!!!! I plan on doing it again when entertaining my friends and was easy.

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