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freeze it: soffrito

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Time-saver, flavor booster.

A soffrito is a flavorful mix of aromatic vegetables, usually onion, carrot, celery and/or green bell pepper cooked gently in olive oil, and is the base for many dishes, like soups, tomato sauces, and braises. When I'm feeling strategy-minded, I chop the vegetables separately in my food processor, then make a double or triple recipe. The night I made the batch pictured above, I set aside a few half-pint containers to freeze, then made a hearty lentil soup with what was left in the pan. The next time I'm throwing together a marinara sauce or big pot of beans, the chopping and sauteing will already be done.

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    The only thing missing from this lovely habit to freeze good food preparations is one T... The Italian word is SOFFRITTO (fritto means fried), otherwise can be confused with Sofrito, that is a Greek meal dish (beef or veal with some garlic sauce).
    Happy cooking!

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    "Sofrito" is also the Spanish spelling of this word...

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    True, I went with the Italian spelling here since my mixture is less Spanish-inspired (no annatto or green peppers).

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    A brilliant idea - will put it to use when I take delivery of a new refrigerator & chest freezer. It such a challenge with only a bar fridge!

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