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Thanksgiving Poll: To brine or not to brine?

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Does your bird take a flavor bath before roasting?

Some people think brining (submerging the turkey in a salt solution prior to roasting) is the answer to dried-out Thanksgiving turkeys. Others, including the famous kitchen scientist Harold McGee, think it's a superfluous step that may add moisture but does little for flavor. What's your take? Is it worth it to find a paint bucket/ice chest/garbage bag to hold your turkey (and refrigerator space to store it), or does old-fashioned dry-heat roasting have it covered? Vote!

And if you decide to brine, here's a spice-enhanced turkey brine you might want to try.

Thanksgiving Turkey: Brine or No Brine?

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    Brining is so simple. You don't have to do anything fancy if you don't want to. Just equal parts salt and sugar is fine... My turkey was delicious...

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    We do a "Judy Bird" dry brine every year and love, love, love it. =)

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    EF Blog Typo Alert:

    You wrote "may add flavor but does little for moisture."

    You meant to write "may add moisture but does little for flavor".

    I'm with McGee, no brining for me.

  • avatar Author Comment:

    Thanks for the edit! We've corrected the post.

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    Sorry, but I disagree. I've been doing a simple brine for the past few years, and last year I tried Martha's receipe - the one with juniper berries, and my birds always turn out delish! I get rave reviews from guests. The turkey's moist and the brine imparts a subtle flavor, which is what you want.

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