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Thanksgiving Pie Poll: Pecan, pumpkin or apple?

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A debate for another time: "pih-kahn" or "pee-kan"?

And if your answer is "none of the above," tell us your choice in the comments below!

Find our Pecan Pie recipe (pictured above).

Thanksgiving Pie Poll: Pecan, Pumpkin or Apple?

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    Sweet potato pie. A much better use of this vegetable than those dreadful concoctions with the marshmallows.
    Also baked sweet potatoes rock!

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    i LOVE pumpkin. but i always get outvoted for sweet potato. i might have to make my own this year!

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    Blueberry is the bomb!

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    Oh, you left off sweet potato! My mother's always told, "this is the best pumpkin pie I've ever had". She tells them it's sweet potato and they say, "but I don't like sweet potato" ;-)

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    always make one of each Pumpkin and Apple
    Already harvested and froze the pumpkin from the garden, can't wait for the pies!!

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    For our "small" family (40 for Thanksgiving dinner), we have pumpkin, apple, cherry, and pecan -- and more than one of each.

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    No Fair!!! Where was the "all of the above" button??? It is too hard to just pick one. Actually, I make a Sweet Potato Pecan pie that brings most people to their knees! Really!

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