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Here's the turkey spread from our November issue.

Really? November here so soon? Does that mean you're all thinking about Thanksgiving dinner? Well, we are, and more importantly, we're here to help. The EDF blog will be featuring a new tip, idea, or recipe every day this month, and answering all your questions. So, tell us: what do you most want help with? Is it healthful sides, or vegetarian versions of the classics? Do you want gravy how-tos, or trying to make the perfect pie? Tell us what you want answers to in the comments form, and we'll deliver!

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    Bring it all on! I'm pretty much a beginner on this stuff, and will be attempting a full traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings for the first time this Thanksgiving.

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    I would love to see recipes for sides (vegetable and otherwise) that are outside the normal Thanksgiving side dish repertoire. I know how to make roasted harvest vegetables and green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, etc. I would like to see new and innovative recipes for sides!

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    I want to use Martha's Turkey 101 recipe this year, at what temperature do you roast the turkey???? The web recipe doesn't say. HELP!!!

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