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I have a small kitchen, but I try to make the most of it on big eating holidays like Thanksgiving. (Check out my tips for cooking in a small kitchen.) The main problem I have, though, is lack of storage space (finding places for my slow cooker, dutch oven, and stand mixer has proven to be nearly impossible!). So I use one of Martha's golden rules of kitchen organization...
Keep items you don't use often outside of the kitchen. Enter: My Thankgiving toolbox, pictured above. I keep it in my closet which, cruelly, is where I have the most extra space! It's filled with serving utensils (great for buffet-style meals), unscented candles for fancy candleholders (instant "centerpiece") silicone pie crust shields (for baking or re-heating pies that guests bring over), potato masher (I prefer my 'taters roasted the rest of the year) and a meat thermometer (since I'm usually a solo cook, big cuts of meat that require taking the internal temp are not usually on my menu!).

What are your kitchen organizing secrets?

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