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non-pumpkin desserts for thanksgiving

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Do you have a sister/brother/parent/in-law/friend who always makes the best pumpkin pie? Or, perhaps you have you been cooking your way through the pumpkin dessert story in our November issue and now you're all pumpkin-ed out? Here are some non-pumpkin dessert alternative that will be perfectly at home on your Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkin doesn't have the pie monopoly, of course (did you vote for your Thanksgiving favorite?). For the basics, check out this Apple Pie or Chocolate Pecan Pie. For something a little different, take a look at thisĀ  Panna Cotta Pie with Poached Fruit or Shoofly Pie as well as Lesley's press-in pies from the November issue.

For a cake-y twist, try this delicious and basic Chocolate Cake, or get fancy with this Chocolate Cranberry Tube Cake. Get some fruit on the table with the Apple and Cranberry Pandowdy shown above, or (secretly!) with these Whole-Wheat Brownies.

Cheesecake is always a welcome sight on the Thanksgiving table, this classic version is a fan favorite. If you are looking for your family's new favorite, there have been few desserts more popular in our office than these Brown-Sugar and Pecan Sticky Buns. Warm from the oven, they are completely irresistible, but they are also great at room temp for brunch the next day!

What are your favorite non-pumpkin desserts?

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