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Cook the Book: My Sweet Mexico

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I was very excited to try out this new book from Fany Gerson. The pictures are amazing and it has recipes for some of my favorite childhood treats.

Since yesterday was Dia De Los Muertos, I set out to make her Pan De Muerto recipe from page 109 of the book.

The recipe involves several rounds of rising but overall is an easy dough recipe. We didn't have any orange flower water so I added a little extra orange zest and also added coarsely chopped anise seeds.

The dough is sticky at first but loses a bit of it's stickiness as it rises. It was soft and supple by the time it was ready for the final shaping.

Shaped dough just after I added the "Skull and crossbones"

The bread bakes in a fairly short amount of time and then gets a brush of melted butter and a sprinkling of sugar. The result? It was really, really great. The bread had the softest, pillow-iest interior ever. Like cotton candy fluffy inside. As if challah and brioche had a baby and this is him. My partner is from Mexico and he was VERY pleased with how this bread turned out. Well done, Fany!

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