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Alaskan Kelp Marmalade

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For their 42nd wedding anniversary, my parents went to Alaska and all I got was this kelp marmalade. No, I'm kidding, it's actually delicious. I admit it sat in my fridge for a good month before I worked up the guts to try it.  Its flavor falls somewhere in between a mild lemon and orange marmalade with the slightest vegetal tinge and without the overwhelming bitterness of some marmalades. I use it as I would any other jam or marmalade, but mostly on buttered toast. Who would have thought bull kelp yielded delicious preserves.

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    I have to agree that the name and thought of it sounds revolting.
    However, we have to remember that Japanese sushi with seaweed is quite widely accepted, so why not Alaskan kelp marmalade?
    All I've got to do now is find asuuplier here in the UK or get one of my numerous relatives in USA to send me some.
    I think that would be nice with our favourite Yemeni Matari coffee from our regular supplier The Tea and Coffee Emporium for breakfast woyuld be atreat to remember.
    Now think of it I would have travelled the world without leaving my kitchen ... marmalade N. America) / coffee (Asia) / me (Europe).
    The globe is shrinking!

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