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In the October issue of Everyday Food magazine, we did a story on cooking with honey. Since this is such a general concept about a very diverse ingredient, we had to bring in every kind of honey that we could get our hands on! The selection almost made our heads spin, to say the least. Also, just by coincidence, the Honey Board came to our kitchen to give an informal lecture about pure honey and how some "discount" honeys are packaged as real honey but contain fillers such as corn syrup.

Honey can range from dark and assertive such as buckwheat and chestnut to light and delicate like wildflower and orange blossom. Clover honey is the most common variety found in supermarkets. If you live near a farmers' market, check to see if any of the vendors offer locally produced honey. Whether it is creamed or clear, pure honey is one of nature's sweetest gifts.

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    I love cooking with honey! I just made Honey Cornbread Muffins and they were just a little sweet, they tasted amazing.

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    I have to say I love the honey. I can't eat the fake stuff so I don't even attempt to buy the off brand products when it comes to honey.

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    I found a great honey recently. Trubeehoney.com they are beekeepers selling only certified American honey from beekeepers they work directly with in the apiaries. This raw honey is amazing !

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