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Favorite new baby snack

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Baby Mum-Mums are a treat. I'm a little obsessed with these crisp rice crackers, and judging by the pudgy little fists in strollers all around my neighborhood, a lot of other moms have caught Mum-Mum fever too. These airy biscuits break easily, then dissolve almost instantly, making them a perfect teething snack. They come in organic and regular varieties, and in plain rice flavor, or banana, vegetable, or strawberry. I like them because of their easy-to-eat texture (no crumbling or too-big bits to worry about) and because of the simple ingredients. I'm finding them in grocery stores everywhere--let us know if you have them in your neck of the woods and if your babes like them as much as mine do!

See, they're delicious!

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    Oh ya. Both my kids love snacking away on Mum Mums.

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    Canadian babies have been snacking on these yummy treats for years! Makes for happy grocery shopping! :)

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    Yuppers Cdn babes love 'em!
    Wish there wasn't so much garbage due to packaging...
    Despite that, they are one of the best things out there! And yes HAPPY grocery shopping!

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