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behind the scenes: pear tart from martha show leftovers

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Ever wonder what happens to the food Martha and her team make for the show? Thomas Joseph, Assistant TV Chef for the Martha Stewart Show, wrote us a note and sent these beautiful pics giving us a peek at the impressive stuff they do with their leftovers:

"On Friday, Martha made poached pears with Philip Seymour Hoffman and the other cast mates of "Jack Goes Boating," leaving us at the studio with boatloads of leftover poached pears. Having had a batch of pate brisee in the freezer and a couple knobs of butter, we transformed these delicious fruits into yet another fantastic dessert."

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poached pears

1 poached pears

poached pears + pate brisee

2 poached pears + pate brisee

poached pears + pate brisee = pear tart!

3 poached pears + pate brisee = pear tart!

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    This looks great. Cant wait to make it for my next dinner party. Thomas, if I get stuck, Im calling you and you have to come over and help!

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    Thank goodness I finally found you....I was having withdrawls....and do you think you could find sweet Bonnie Hunt and her wonderful Mom, Alice Hunt a place on Hallmark!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge....have missed you!!!

    Elise James

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    I just went pear picking - I can't wait to transform them into this beautiful dessert! Thanks for the wonderful idea

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