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An apple pie-inspired snack

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Sure, apples have a pretty healthy reputation, but I love them most when they're baked into desserts. (Check out page 109 of our October issue for a mouthwatering apple betty recipe to see what I mean!). When a craving strikes there's no apple pie (or tart, or strudel, or crisp...) in sight, I go for this warm, cozy snack that takes mere minutes to make. (Bonus: It's super-healthy too!)

First, I dice an apple (galas are great, honeycrisps are better!), and sprinkle it with McCormick Apple Pie Spice (a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice):

Then I microwave it for one minute, stirring halfway, until apple pieces are soft and warm. Sometimes I sprinkle it with granola, other times I stir in vanilla yogurt. It's so easy to eat at your desk!!

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