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Favorite quick fix: Tasty bite indian food

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I have to admit, there are evenings where I just don't want to cook dinner. I spent my whole day at work cooking and I just can't seem to muster up the energy to go home and do it all over again. That's when I turn to my favorite quick fix.....

These Tasty Bite prepared Indian meals save me on my lazy nights. I love them because...well, because they taste good. But also because they don't have a long list of chemicals and preservatives in them. They are vegetarian (some are vegan) and high in protein so I feel full and satisfied after eating them. They are also good to take on camping trips as they do not require refrigeration and can be heated in their pouches.

Though they can be eaten on their own, I like to add some fresh (or thawed frozen) vegetables, possibly some leftover cooked chicken,  a little leftover rice and a scoop of yogurt to make it a whole meal. The packets are seasoned well enough that they can stand up to the addition of extra ingredients.

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    They're also awesome for food when camping/backpacking.

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    I love these too, having recently gone gluten-free I had to give up the convenience of Lean Cuisines for my work-lunch. If I cook up a batch of basmati and split one tasty-bite between two tupperwares it makes a great gluten free lunch and is hardly any more work than taking something out of the freezer.

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    I love these! We keep a stack of them in the pantry, and my husband keeps them at work for a quick lunch when he gets too busy to go out.

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    Love these too! Great ideas to enhance them.

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    In late August Martha had this man cooking an Indian dish over the longest long grain rice I have ever seen. Can you just give me the name of this rice.
    I'm becoming very irritated over not being able to find such a simple request.
    Please help.

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