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Calamondin Marmalade

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When I went camping last month we stopped in the little town of Pheonicia, New York, about 13 miles northwest of Woodstock. Starved, we popped into the Pheonicia Delicatessen to grab sandwiches before we set up camp. (Hunger can do wonders for a simple sandwich but I swear this was one of the best I've ever had). When I went to pay I noticed a few jars of this Calomondin marmalade on the counter. You should have seen the proprietress' eyes light up when I asked her about it. She gets the Calamansi fruit from Florida every year and uses only sugar and pectin to make it. She suggested using it on toast, stirred into yogurt or even spooned over ice cream. With grilling season still rocking, I think I'll use it in a marinade, kind of like this.

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