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heat-wave abundance

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A veritable cornucopia from this week's CSA delivery

Before our CSA pickup last Saturday, the farm (Garden of Eve) let us know that after six weeks of non-stop sunshine, heat and drought (and hauling hose pipes around to water), everything was ripening sooner than usual. So we were the recipients of quite a bit of bounty this week.Our haul this week included beets, broccoli, lettuce, mesclun, cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash, basil, dill, and a couple of Asian veggies labeled kohlrabi (the round green ball in the photo above) and tatsoi (stalks that look like celery but large dark leaves). Fruit included cherries, a bunch of peaches that didn't travel very well because they were so ripe, and another box of blueberries.

One thing I realized would be handy was to keep "quick" vegetables and fruits washed and accessible. So I washed the cherries, dried them, and put them in a glass dish for easy snacking. Zucchinis--my favorite easy go-to veggie on a busy night--and cucumbers were also perfect selections for similar treatment. Now I can reach in the refrigerator and grab a cuke or zuke on-the-fly.

a bowl of clean veggies for easy access in the fridge

Blueberries have come in in such abundance that my standby, just
eating them or throwing them in my cereal, has gotten boring. And it
has been way too hot to cook the other faves, pancakes, muffins etc. so
I came up with this:

chocolate blueberry coconut milk shake
1/2 cup blueberries
1 cup coconut milk
a dash of vanilla
2 tablespoons agave nectar (or other sweetener to taste)
3 teaspoons good-quality cocoa

Either throw in a blender, or--as I've been doing--cut and smash the blueberries and put everything in a cocktail shaker with two ice cubes and shake like crazy, pouring through a strainer to serve (the blueberries left in the shaker can be eaten separately). If you use a blender, straining isn't necessary. This shake is dairy-free but you could easily use regular milk, or yogurt for a smoothie.

Regarding the mysterious Asian veg: I asked around the office what folks would do with these. Lesley suggested cubing the kohlrabi and braising it in chicken broth and olive oil, and using the tatsoi in a salad. Carla's ideas included tatsoi in stirfry, and using the kohlrabi in a form of kimchee (I thought the kohlrabi ideas were particularly creative).

I got home to discover the tatsoi had already been cooked--with Indian spices, ginger, a little coconut milk, and a dash of agave in a slightly sweet curry, and served with salmon. It was quite yummy. But I'm still looking for a kohlrabi idea; that big green ball is lurking quietly in my refrigerator. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Oh, and I think the kohlrabi looks like an alien. In my survey, I asked if people would keep one of them as a pet, and if so what would they name it. Lesley said "Bob" but Carla's was my favorite so far: "Bruce". Feel free to suggest your own.

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