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who's your honey?

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honey bearsCheck it out: See Junior up there? He's not actually honey but honey flavored syrup! We thought a honey bear was a honey bear, but be sure to read your label to make sure it says "100% honey" or check to see that honey is the only ingredient listed. Who knew? We recently enjoyed a visit from the National Honey Board. They brought loads of honey info (and word of impostors) including recipes and ideas for incorporating honey into just about everything from breakfast to beauty products--check out their recipe for chocolate-honey milk bath!

If you'd rather eat it then soak in it try our Honey-Chipotle-Glazed Ribs or  Roasted Carrots with Honey.

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    I have used the honey flavored syrup before for pancakes and desert toppings! I never assumed it was pur honey because the label clearly states it is honey FLAVORED syrup

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