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Lindsey's Almond Tart

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almond tart 2This tart has been following me. For the last six months it seems every cookbook, blog or food bit I read lead me back to it. It was a sign (or several signs) that it had to be made. I had to know, was it really worth all the hype? In a word: yes. If you ask me, it's really more of a cookie then a tart, i.e. best cut into thin wedges and eaten out of hand. Find the recipe with extra tips and tricks from a seasoned professional here.

What's been chasing you lately? Have you made it yet?

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    I always believe in listening to those foodie instincts and thank goodness you did, that looks stunning!

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    Wow this tart looks delicious!! I love baking, so I'll definitely give it a shot, almonds are my favourite. I recently tried this Cherry Clafouti and my friends loved it! Big hit for sure. If you want to give it a shot, this is where I found the recipe:

    Enjoy, and I'll let you know how the tart goes!

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