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grandma's radish sandwich

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radish sandwichMy grandmother was a fan of radish and butter sandwiches. I only recently learned this fact from my mom after I had suggested that she serve radishes with softened butter at a French-themed dinner party she was planning. My idea triggered this memory of her mother. I had never tried a radish sandwich and thought the appropriate time was around Mother's Day. Mom, I am sure this above open-faced one differs from your mother's, but I did find the combination delicious! I spread softened butter on crusty bread and topped it with sliced radishes and coarse sea salt.

Share your mother or grandmother's favorite dishes with me—I'd love to read them.

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    I love reading your articles, and this one I was able to enjoy a wonderful memory as well.

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    Oh yes,
    We grew up on radish sandwiches (especially in the summer) in northern Wisconsin. Now living on the west coast, I had only met one other person who knew about them & she was from Iowa. But since researching on the internet, I am pleased to know that I am not alone. To cut sodium, I now eat them without salt. You can add your favorite fresh herb to the butter to compensate for no salt. The bread was always store-bought white bread (sour dough is my choice now) & the radishes were red with the exception of a few icicle radish sandwiches. These are so good & healthy too. Good memories too. MH

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