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pop quiz: mystery food revealed!

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Do you know what these fuzzy green guys are? Chances are you have eaten them at some point in your life. Any guesses?


Check back this afternoon to see if anyone guessed correctly!

UPDATE: Many of you guessed correctly. Other good guesses were pistachio, chickpea and soybean. Let's see what it is...

Almond sequence

The correct answer is ALMOND!!!

I found them at the grocery store in my neighborhood. These young almonds are only around from April to May and are popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines though many chefs use them to garnish dishes. They are delicious eaten by themselves or in a salad (lettuce or fruit).

The fuzzy green outside can be cut open with a knife revealing the white skinned almond inside. This skin must be peeled off (it can be bitter) leaving you with a translucent, gelatinous young almond.

shelled almond

The flavor is mildly sweet and reminiscent of cucumber, very young coconut and the part of the watermelon where the flesh meets the rind....and of course, almond!

Have you tried green almonds?

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