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Tip: Using a Mandoline

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Slicing rounds

I have to admit, the worst cut I got in cooking school was from using a mandoline. I have since learned a couple of important safety tips and now find the mandoline a very valuable kitchen tool. It can greatly decrease prep time by making quick work of slicing and dicing and aids in achieving a super thin slice. I use it for everything from carrots to onions to zucchini to cheese. When purchasing a mandoline don't go for the frills. I like the Japanese version the best. It's small,  compact, and really easy to clean. Plus it's less than $25.

If your mandoline comes with a guard, use it! There is no better way to keep your fingers and palm safe. If you don’t have a guard follow these few simple rules:

  • If slicing something into rounds, always keep your finger tucked. See photo above

slicing strips

  • If slicing something into strips, always keep your palm flat and your fingers lifted.

using the heel of your hand

  • When you reach the bottom of the item  you are slicing use the heel of your hand to push.
  • Always keep your blade sharp! It might sound counter-intuitive, but a dull blade is more dangerous, since you will end up struggling to slice, and are more likely to slip and cut yourself in the process.

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    How do you sharpen a mandolin blade?

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    how do you sharpen a mandoline blade?? What japanese model do you recommend and does it have a prop up stand? thanks

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    OMG... I got a few times horrible cuts from mandolins. I cannot seem to learn my lesson. Best place to sharpen any blade is to take it straight to Ace. I always have been very lucky with my local Ace Hardware store

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    Use a kevlar glove! Available online and in many stores.

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    Definately a Kevlar glove! So simple to make using the glove with a mandolin a habit and avoid the emergency room. I ordered a pair online & gave one to my sister as we had both had the guard slip & take off the end or side of a finger.

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    On your frying potato Cooking Show you used a Graufrette mandolin.Where can I buy one??? Please let me know. Thanks.

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