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the manmosa versus the mimosa

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manmosaWhat's a manmosa? you ask. I had never heard of this drink either until I started seeing it advertised as a brunch special at one of my neighborhood's restaurants. Then a few months ago, it was referenced on the TV show Cougartown. Searching the Web, I saw references dating back to only 2009, so it's relatively new on the brunch scene, and found many variations on the base recipe—simply OJ and beer (man's favorite alcoholic beverage) in place of the mimosa's sparkling wine. My boyfriend and I decided to give it a taste test last night. We made a mimosa with some Cava and then compared it with the manmosa made with Miller Light. Both were drinkable, but we preferred the mimosa. The Cava seemed to elevate the taste of the juice better while the beer just masked it. My boyfriend thought it tasted like a Shandy (a beer and lemonade drink). It appears that PBR and Blue Moon are also popular swaps for the Miller. Also, some recipes call for a shot of vodka or orange-flavored vodka. Experiment at home with your own version and send feedback: Will the manmosa soon outshine the mimosa?

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    I could be wrong, but I think the term "manmosa" can be credited to Richard Christy from the Howard Stern Show, who would go to weekend brunches and drink so many champagne glasses-worth of mimosa that the waiters would give him a mimosa in a beer stein so they wouldn't have to keep coming back to his table. A true "manmosa" is just a supersized mimosa. OJ and beer sounds absolutely revolting.

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    A manmosa? Wow that is a new concept! It kind of reminds me of something Guy Fieri would come up with. I love it! I think Guy should make an appearance on Martha Stewart show! Especially after his premiere on NBC of him hosting minute to win it, i think it airs this Sunday at 8. The show looks kind of itneresting, maybe he can incorporate some of the games on the show! That would be awesome!

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    This is a variant on the "lunch box," "lunch pail," or "lunch bucket." The drink is as old as trouble itself. Try Guinness and orange juice, a.k.a. a wasp sting according to some folks at Chowhound. Miller Light and PBR just aren't the best beers for this. Perhaps try one of the popular wheat beers. Cheers!

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    Putting Miller Light and orange juice into a Chimay glass is an insult. I'm glad it tasted bad and hope that you'll never do it again! Thanks for taking one for the team.

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    blue moon, grand mariner, oj, and cava or prosecco now that is a manmosa

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