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seltzer on tap

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kegeratorNot to be outdone by the food editors who are now making seltzer with their favorite new machine in the test kitchen, my boyfriend and I decided to put it on tap in his kegerator (above). It's a half fridge with a tap on top and utilizes a CO2 tank to carbonate beer at home. It's usually reserved for his homemade beer, but seltzer is a great way to utilize it when he's not brewing. We have been using fruit juice as well as homemade syrups to flavor the seltzer. This pineapple-ginger syrup is a favorite of mine because it makes use of all the pineapple peeling and core that is usually just discarded. I added some orange peels to the latest batch and then garnished the soda with an orange wedge.

pineapple soda

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