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I love . . . Rio Star Grapefruit

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Pink, Rio Star Red and White Grapefruit

Pink, Rio Star Red and White Grapefruit

I am from Texas and winter means two things: Tamales and bags of Rio Star grapefruits! So I got very excited a couple of weeks ago when the Rio Star folks dropped by with grapefruits.

Rio Stars are grown in the Rio Grande Valley in the southernmost part of the state. They are a red grapefruit like the Ruby Red but are the sweetest grapefruits that I have ever eaten. I grew up eating these guys and am really happy that they are becoming more available around the country (we used to send cases of them as Christmas presents to family outside of Texas). If you are hesitant about eating grapefruit because it is bitter, look for these guys in the produce section next time you are at the grocery store. You won't be disappointed.

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    Rio star grapefruit! I have never heard of it, but your description made my mouth water. I will buy some next time I see them. Thanks.

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    Hi Liliana,

    Check the sticker on the grapefruit. It will say Rio Star. Also, the sign in the store might say that the grapefruit is from Texas.
    Good Luck!

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