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Applesauce and Dried Fruit Snacks

Applesauce and Dried Fruit Snacks

I know a lot of mothers who refuse to take their kids to the grocery store, but my 6-year-old son has always been a cheerful co-pilot. Now that he's big enough to actually help bag produce and scoop items from the bulk bins, he's always got a job to do. Recently he spotted these GoGo Squeez "applesauce on the go" packets and begged for them. I still don't know why the idea of applesauce in a pouch was so tantalizing, but I was happy that the ingredient list simply read "apple, apple juice conentrate," so I indulged him. These squeeze-able apple sauces come in other flavors too—apple cinnamon, apple banana—but none has added sugar or artificial ingredients, and they're about 90 calories. We tasted them here in the test kitchen and they pleased grown-up palates. These are handy for backpacks and car rides, and would not be out of place on hikes or jogs.

We also came across a product called Gallopaloozas puffed fruit snacks. These are 100% organic pieces of dehydrated fruit—pineapple, plantain, banana, plus more of the same with cinnamon added. The fruit is non-GMO and there is no added sugar or anything else. Our editors were partial to the pineapple flavor, but the cinnamon-banana was tasty too. Again, it wouldn't hurt to have one of these tucked away in your purse or glove compartment, but you could achieve the same convenience by packing your own container of nuts and dried fruit.

What kind of convenient snacks to you pack for day trips, car rides, or long commutes?

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