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baked fennel rings

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baked fennel rings

We have been eating a lot of fennel this winter and these baked rings are my boyfriend's latest creation with the vegetable. Pour several tablespoons oil onto a rimmed baking sheet and put it in the preheating oven (set to 450). Cut fennel bulbs into 3/4-inch-thick rings. Dip them in flour, beaten eggs, then dredge in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs or use regular breadcrumbs), pressing to adhere. Set the prepared rings on a plate until the oven and baking sheet are hot, then transfer them to the sheet. Bake until brown on bottom, then flip and return to oven. We made a quick dipping sauce by mixing mayo with plain yogurt, minced garlic, and some chopped fennel fronds, but they tasted great with Sriracha mixed with ketchup, too. The rings are a great homemade bar snack—we munched on them while watching the Big XII basketball tournament over the weekend.

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