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quick Asian-style soup

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asian brothOne cold winter evening, when I got home late, I pulled together a quick Asian broth to pair with some sole I had grabbed at the fish store. The base was just chicken stock to which I added a splash of rice vinegar, soy sauce, and fish sauce, juice of 1 lime, and a little sesame oil. I sliced some garlic and ginger and added that, too. Once satisfied with the flavor of the broth and it was simmering, I added some sliced mushrooms and carrots, Chinese noodles, and the pieces of sole. I was inspired by Dawn’s Scallion-Ginger Broth in our March issue (on newsstands now). Follow her recipe in the issue or experiment on your own. What ingredients do you pull together for a quick soup?

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    I'd gather rice vermicelli, frozen beef balls, frozen seafood mix, frozen wonton/dumplings, fresh bok choy, cilantro, and frozen home-made chicken broth seasoned with garlic powder, fish sauce, and white pepper. Garnish is cilantro (optional).

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    It looks like Ramen which is popular in Japan and Korea. Ramen is available in any Chinese or Asian food store. Also very easy to cook. As you illustrated, put more ingredients such as spring onion, egg, etc. make it more rich flavour and taste. Furthermore, there are many other Asian style soups. I like Asian style soup, Asian style pasta soup or Korean style soup which is called Asian style soup.
    Many foods and many styles^^

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