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Classroom/cubicle cupcakes

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Nothing says "be mine" like something sweet from your Valentine. So why make cards when you can make cupcakes? When it's too cold to play outside, get kids in the kitchen to help bake up simple treats for family and  friends. I used this recipe to make vanilla, chocolate and marble minis. For an easy stencil, just cut a little heart from the top of a plastic container, then dust the cupcakes with cocoa powder and powdered sugar. They're just the right size for snacking and perfect for sharing with classmates or office buddies. Happy early Valentine's Day!

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    This is such a great idea! We are kids and we wanted to make a baked treat for our classmates. These will be great. Do you have any ideas for what to deliver them in to our very special friends?

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    A couple of ideas: you could put them in small plastic containers like these, so that the cupcake sits on the lid and you can see through the clear base to the pretty cupcake; decorate with colored sharpies. OR you could just pop the cupcakes back in the tin after they've cooled and stick a little toothpick in each one with a heart-shaped name-tag for each of your friends. Send us a picture!

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    What an adorable idea! My kids would love to do this for their friends or even for Daddy - thanks for sharing.


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