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Ask the Editors: Valentine's day questions answered

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Heart Sandwich Cookies

Heart Sandwich Cookies

Valentine's Day is coming up this Sunday, and here at Everyday Food we are standing by to answer any of your cooking, baking or entertaining conundrums. Cooking for your sweetie and wondering what to make? Looking for guilty (or guilt-free) treats? Maybe you are planning a singles party for all of your unattached friends? Or, hoping to find a recipe for some portable treats to bring to friends, share at the office, or take to a party? Please post your questions in the comments section below. We will be checking in daily and blogging our answers here.

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    This isn't strictly Valentine-related, so maybe the moderators will want to delete it (I'll understand!) but -- what do you use for managing your recipe collection?

    At first I was pretty happy with my card file. But once I experienced the joys of tagging on blogs, I began to be frustrated that I couldn't do the same with my recipes -- why couldn't the same recipe be under Poultry, under Grilling, under Summer, and under Kidlet's Favorites?

    Of course I can tag any online recipe that I bookmark in Firefox, but 99% of my recipes exist only on index cards. Any suggestions?

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    hi from New Zealand

    I saw a show where the guy made lolly pops and now I cant find it but I sure would like to watch it again please.

    No question on Valentines day its just another day for the shops to make money.

    Martha you are great.

    Love Birgit

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