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It's National Pie Day!

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Today is National Pie Day, and this is definitely one made-up holiday that I can get behind. It's easy to relegate pies to Thanksgiving and summertime, but these all-American treats are so irresistible, they deserve to be enjoyed year-round.

Of course, part of the delight of making a pie is figuring out what kind to make. In the middle of winter, I tend to crave bright, citrusy pies like this Lemon Cream Pie, pictured above, or rich, chocolatey pies like Chocolate Pecan Pie (below). And since both of them are single-crust pies, they're especially easy to make.

What kind of pie do you crave most this time of year?

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    My husband just made the tangerine chiffon pie for the "men cook" gourmet group. The theme this time was "The Beatles". His song was the Savoy Truffle, he also made Martha's chocolat truffle recipe, both delicious ( the dinner was last night ). He also made candy this week, he made the Montelamar nougat, but it's so humid here, we had to cover it in chocolat to serve. The other courses were USSR- caviar, Let it Be - let it brie served with apples. Liver pate - live or let die, Ocopusses on a garden salad - sama as the song; Sole - Rubber sole. Very clever guys. The group has been together 25 years with one couple that's original, we've been about 20 years and another maybe 10, one woman was a Sunday school teacher to the guest couple last night who the girlfreind inspired our theme due to her love of the Beatles music.

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    We <3 Pies~~~~

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    A grand day it was...

    Pies, pies, pies. All over the place in Chicago. Delivered to Police and Fire Department to celebrate and recognize their contributions to our nation. An act of Pie-triotism in sharing pie among family, friends and good people nationwide.

    Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, etc.

    Made for a great weekend of pie enjoyment...

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