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Potluck Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Spread

Many people geared up for major family time this Thanksgiving, but if you were like me, flying home for both this holiday and Christmas is a little taxing on the wallet. Therefore, for the past several years, I've spent Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends (my other "family") who are in the same boat. Each person is assigned a specific dish(es), and come the big day, everyone brings their contribution and simply digs in! Although the host usually takes care of the turkey, it's up to the guests to bring all the trimmings. I took charge of Brussels sprouts this year and made a recipe with bacon and chestnuts. A quick n' easy microwaveable potato recipe rounded out my starch offering.

My tradition each year, however, is to provide the party with the Holiday Salad. Now I tend to take a little creative license with this dish, and usually there is no set recipe, but this time around I went with a festive pomegranate-and-arugula twist. I added some shaved Manchego on top to round out the sweetness of the persimmons and pomegranate seeds.

Here are some salad recipes that I've used as bases for Holiday Salads in the past: arugula, fruit, and nut, a seasonal salad with veggies and cheese, and a warm spinach salad with toasty nuts. No matter the final result, the Holiday Salad keeps it's legacy by proving to be ridiculously delicious every year. Try starting your own holiday potluck tradition--you'll be surprised how easily you can leave your Thanksgiving mark!

Scroll through my gallery to see what other people decided to bring to Thanksgiving potluck:

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Spiced Sausage & Cheese Plate

1 Spiced Sausage & Cheese Plate

Holiday Salad

2 Holiday Salad

Mac N Cheese & Brussels Sprouts

3 Mac N Cheese & Brussels Sprouts

Apple Sage Turkey from Turkeyperfect.com

4 Apple Sage Turkey from Turkeyperfect.com

Sample Plate

5 Sample Plate

Happy Thanksgiving!

6 Happy Thanksgiving!


Apple Tart

8 Apple Tart

Chocolate Cake from Casselulah

9 Chocolate Cake from Casselulah

Pumpkin Custard Pie

10 Pumpkin Custard Pie

Banana Pudding

11 Banana Pudding

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    Your potluck table looks plenty and very delicious! The holiday salad will make its debute on my Christmas table along with the Brussels sprout/chestnuts dish that's for sure! They both sound unique and look incredebly tasty! Keep up with your presentation of these interesting dishes. I am hooked!

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    As another participant in this yearly tradition, I can say that Natalie's Holiday Salad is always a highlight of our get-togethers. There are certain dishes (my macaroni and cheese is one) which are made exactly the same way each year, and loved all the more for that. But the fun thing with the Holiday Salad is that each year is a surprise, and therefore the Holiday Salad is a tradition that keeps people guessing.

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    uh, we do this every year too and let's just say that before this post i thought no one could beat our spread. totally making all of this, because who needs it to be thanksgiving? not me!

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