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Illustrious Cupcakes

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A couple weeks ago my friend Elissa turned 30 and she celebrated the only adult way possible--bowling and cupcakes. These cupcakes were no ordinary confections, however. They were made by her wife, Sarah Matulis, and everyone who knows Sarah knows that a little bit of heaven brushes her baked goods--and in this case, they even looked like it! Sarah used a cupcake recipe from Organic and Chic, or you can try one of our favorites. Sarah also made things easy by using a boxed chocolate mix instead of the recommended cake recipe. After letting the cupcakes cool, she piped vanilla buttercream into the centers, stuck them in the fridge to set, then covered them in ganache. Then, with her new powder brush, she made each one radiant with gold luster dust. Use luster dust this holiday season to give your desserts a festive touch. It's also great when making edible gifts, such as our Easy Chocolate Truffles in the December issue of Everyday Food. Find it online at fancyflours.com--it'll make even your most ordinary baked good fabulous!

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    These were a ton of fun to make, and even more fun to eat! I'll definitely be making this treat again.

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    Sarah knows the three ingredients of successful baking - sugar, fat, and presentation! Her parents take some credit for teaching her the facts of baking life.

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    These cupcakes looked delicious and I tried the recipe. I did make a few changes by filling the cupcakes with jam instead of cream, though I think I will use a cream filling next time.

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    These cupcakes look amazing! I am going to have to find out where one can get that gold luster dust!

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    These are beautiful. Sarah did a fabulous job.

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