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honey tasting

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From left to right: Buckwheat, Eucalyptus, Tupelo, Sage, Sunflower, Wildflower, Orange blossom, Star Thistle, Supermarket Blend

Not too long ago, Megan from the National Honey Board came by to share some information – and some samples. Behold the amber rainbow!

Darker colored honey is stronger and richer, while lighter colored honey has a milder taste. Megan told us that Orange Blossom is the variety most commonly found at the supermarket, and that it is usually the main variety used in those familiar honey bear blends.

While they were all delicious, I found that I preferred the flavors middle of the spectrum for everyday use, especially the Wildflower, but the Tupelo and Sage were also very popular. The Buckwheat honey tastes a bit like molasses, which makes it a perfect for baking. And the eucalyptus does, in fact, provide a hint of menthol. It's really quite amazing how different they all are.

Check out the National Honey Board's Honey Locater to see what the bees are making in your area!

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    Thanks for the honey link. I have been wanting local honey mostly just to compare the taste with the stuff at the store.

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    All this honey, who knew?!

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    I remember trying different flavors of honey at the Cold Spring Farmers' Market in New York. It was the first time I saw blueberry honey and raspberry honey. When I tasted the blueberry honey, it had the hint of the berry in it. When I took a spoonful of the raspberry honey, what hit me first was how fragrant it tasted. I don't think I'll ever buy honey from a supermarket ever again.

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    I actually did a science project on this. :) Going to National Agri-science fair on Tuesday!

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